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    10 Simple Suggestions To Help Extend Your Cat’s Life


    The life expectancy of your average cat is just about 15 years. Indoor cats seem to live a few more years due to better conditioning and health care. In order to ensure that your cat lives a longer life, you must take care of its heath. Here are 10 suggestions – different measures one may take to ensure healthy and long life of their cats!

    1. Water Consumption Is Extremely Important!

    You may not have thought too much about this in the past, but many cats do not consume adequate amounts of water without encouragement. Encourage water consumption for your fur-baby through the use of canned foods (which have a much higher moisture content than kibble), water fountains, dripping faucets, or by adding water to their dry kibble.

    2. Cats Do Need to Exercise

    Keeping your kitty lean and in good shape and health is another contributing factor to giving your cat a long and healthy life. Overweight kitties are more prone to a number of diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, skin disease, respiratory disease.

    3. Groom Your Kitty On A Regular Basis

    Though cats naturally groom themselves for literally hours each day, indoor cats especially may end up with extra hair that then shows up in hairballs. Regular grooming will definitely cut down on excess hair both in your house and in your cat’s stomach.

    4. Note Any Behavioral Changes In Your Cat

    https://www.foxatwillian.co.uk/wp47nlc Cats are certainly creatures of habit, and even a tiny change in behavior could indicate a potentially life-threatening health issue.

    5. Be Sure All of Your Cat’s Vaccinations Are Up-to-Date

    Tramadol Buy Online Uk One sure-fire way of increasing the life expectancy of your fur-baby is to make sure that your pet has all of the required vaccinations.

    6. Do Your Best To Keep Your Cat’s Teeth Clean

    http://locksgrill.com/1vw70xxuo Your cat’s teeth speak volumes about his or her general health.Chronic tarter, gingivitis and plaque each contribute to bacterial growth and seeding to the rest of the body, just as in humans, which may lead to further health issues.

    7. Be Aware Of Too Much Weight Loss

    On the flip-side, weight loss may also be a symptom of a serious health condition.

    8. Do Not Allow Your Cat to Become Obese!

    Tramadol Online Nc Although you may love to feed your pet with the best of food very often to show him your love, you may also want to think twice before over-feeding them. An obese cat is much more prone to such diseases as diabetes, arthritis and cardiac arrest, which eventually shortens their life expectancy. You may also play with your pet whenever you can so that it burns out the excess calories.

    9. Keep Your Kitty Indoors

    Cats who live indoors have a much higher life expectancy than those cats who are allowed to go outside. Outdoor cats are far more likely to be struck by vehicles or by being exposed to diseases such as feline leukemia, as well as other toxins and harsh weather. In this day and age you also need to be worried about strangers, people. Not everyone loves cats as much as we do. There are actually people in this world who won’t hesitate to harm an unsuspecting cat, and just for kicks!

    10. Regular Veterinary Visits Are A Must!

    All cats need to be seen by a vet on a regular basis for check-ups, not only for dental examinations but for a thorough examination of your cat from nose to tail. Cats certainly are true masters of disguise when it comes to disease. Even the most observant cat owner may not be able to spot the early signs of some serious illness.

    (h/t: happycatsonline)

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    This Adorable Kitten Found A Mom By Being The Most “Unusual Cat In The World”

    http://drdoormat.com/zelkfv7frq6 Veronika is from Russia, and yearned for a kitty for a very long time. And then she found Yvette.

    Tramadol Cheapest Overnight She searched adoption ads for the perfect feline companion. And, one day she came across a very unique kitten with distinct markings.

    When Veronica went to find Yvette, she learned that the kitten’s parents were Scottish Folds — one was orange, the other gray. Interestingly enough, the genes carrying both their markings had been passed on to this special kitten.

    “There were several kittens, but this unusual color – only hers,” Veronika said of Ivi.

    https://yoborestaurant.com/2019/12/16/vhvx6swcm3v And, her beauty doesn’t just stop there. She’s a very affectionate girl, and is very patient with children.  She also loves making new friends!

    https://drhonow.com/xpy4xo9 Veronika also explains her humorous side, “Ivi always meets everyone at the doorstep and likes to steal food from the table.”

    Tramadol Online Illinois The kitty has become an internet sensation. She has over 11,000 followers on Instagram . She is a natural behind the camera

    https://www.autocars-hiruak-bat.com/ogwa70ti7 “To photograph Yvette beautifully is hard,” she said. “She has a very hard look.”

    https://jstationery.com/fh669p5zp The cat-mom added. “Sometimes it [looks like] she wants to kill someone.”

    Multi-colored never looked this good! Share with friends!

    http://www.v9academy.co.uk/yk93y9k (h/t: iheartcats )

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    12 Cats Who Have A Thing About Sitting On Their Humans’ Food

    Some cats enjoy naps on the couch, on the window sill, or in some random nook in the house. Some like to lounge across kitchen floors, some prefer to lounge on top of food in the kitchen. Apparently, there are cats out there that are just as bad as dogs are with human food. The only difference is that dogs want to just take it, and eat it. Cats who are food fanatics on the other hand, just want to sit on it. Way to be “different” kitties!

    1. “I love it when the rolls are still warm.”

    2. “Ahhh, a nice pizza massage was just what I needed.”

    3. “Sitting on your salad is the next best thing to going outside.”

    4. “This chair is really lumpy and uncomfortable.”

    5. “Don’t worry, I’ll keep your sub warm for ya.”

    6. “I’m doing you a favor, because salads totally suck.”

    7. “This is my bread bed.”

    8. “I can be a pie, no problem.”

    9. “This is easily the comfiest cat bed I’ve ever received.”

    10. “This loaf is perfectly ME-SIZED.”

    11. “I’m squishing out all the calories. You’re welcome.”

    12. ” … Hope you were done with this salad!”

    So, when around cats, be watchful of your food. Apparently, they see beds and couches when they see food out. Share with friends!

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    Precious Cat Gets A Second Chance At Life Thanks To Bionic Legs

    Paw-fect Legs

    New paws, new life. Meet Bulgaria's bionic cats.

    Posted by AJ+ on Thursday, February 2, 2017

    This is Pooh the Cat. Unfortunately, he lost his back legs in a car accident. But, there was light at the end of the tunnel for this kitty. Thanks to ground-breaking surgery gets to walk on all fours again.

    Pooh is a stray cat and lives in Bulgaria. He has been fitted with bionic legs, which are two tiny polymer and rubber paws mounted on titanium stems.

    Dr. Vladislav Zlatinov performed the surgery. He’s the first European vet to have successfully completed this bionic technique. Aside from Pooh, Dr. Zlatinov has also performed the procedure on an eight-month old cat named Steven, who lost both his hind legs last year.

    The operation was graciously paid for with donations made to a rescue organization called, “Let’s Adopt Bulgaria”. Since the procedure, Pooh is healthy and has regained all of his lost weight from the surgery. He is now able to run and play just like any other cat.

    A video of the paw-fect legs in action:

    Paw-fect Legs

    New paws, new life. Meet Bulgaria's bionic cats.

    Posted by AJ+ on Thursday, February 2, 2017

    Those little legs may not be real, but they just make this kitty even cuter! Share with friends!

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    Little Kitten’s Mom Knew Exactly What She Needed To Do To Save Her Life

    When a stray kitty was ready to give birth, she was unable to find a place warm enough, so she settled for whatever came closest to what she needed.

    “Calida tried her best to find a warm place to give birth, but was only able to find an outdoor laundry room with a freezing concrete floor,” Tasha Bukovnik, vice president of VOKRA(Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association), told The Dodo about the mother cat who was admitted into the rescue last week.

    Vancouver has been very cold. Because of the horribly cold conditions the Calida’s kittens were exposed to at birth, five of them passed away right after they were born.
    “All the kittens were healthy and would have lived had Calida been able to give birth in a warm environment,” Bukovnik said.
    But one tiny kitten was still alive.

    Calida and her last kitten waited in that cold laundry room for someone to rescue them. Calida knew she somehow had to keep her last baby warm, so she covered the little kitten with her own body.

    The homeowner discovered the mommy cat and her kitten, and rescued them.

    VOKRA volunteers rushed to the little family and bring them into the rescue center for emergency care. They drove as fast as they could on icy roads, to help Calida and her kitten survive.

    Calida was in bad shape when she arrived. She was extremely hungry, and ate with no control. Then she proceeded to rest, nurse her kitten, which is now named Sentrie.

    “Sentrie is a chubby little girl, but Calida is on the thin side and can’t seem to get enough food,” Bukovnik said.

    As rescuers spent time with Calida, they started to suspect that she was once someone’s pet and was abandoned. The fact that she was a tame cat, led them to that belief.

    As Calida and her baby, Sentrie grow stronger and bond, rescuers hope that Calida’s sad story of losing almost all her kittens, will encourage people to get their pets spayed and neutered to avoid unnecessary suffering.

    Despite their said beginning, momma and kitten’s future is looking bright. “We hope to be moving them into foster care in the coming days,” Bukovnik said. “They’ll be able to recuperate in a home environment and, when they’re ready, be put up for adoption together.”

    A very sad thing what these cats had to go to through. Always keep your eye open, there could be a kitty in distress where you least expect it. Share with friends!
    (h/t: the dodo)

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    15 Cats Who Will Lick Anything And Everything

    These kitties like to put their sandy little tongues to work. They enjoy taste testing their humans’ foods, cleaning their humans’ dirty plates, cleaning up their humans’ left overs, wiping smudges on windows with their tongues, and the list goes on. Lesson learned, never underestimate a cat’s tongue. When you’re not looking, they could be using it for no good 🙂

    1. Windows

    2. Sushi Sampling

    3. Harry Styles

    4. Decor

    5. Water glasses.

    6. ‘Nanners

    7. Mirrors

    8. Tiny

    9. Leftovers

    10. Ice Cream

    11. Boots

    12. The Inside of the ‘nanners

    13. A Copy Of Scientific American

    14. Literally Nothing At All

    15. Empty pans.

    Their licking capabilities may be even more advanced than dogs’! Share with friends!

    (h/t: inspire more )

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    13 Pictures That Perfectly Capture Your Cat’s Reactions To Daily Routine

    Although cats are all pretty similar in personality, they have characteristics that separate them from one another. And you can see these “characteristics” in their reactions to daily routines. Let’s call it the “when your cat” moments. One thing in common about all their reactions….their all guaranteed to make you laugh. Cats must be born with some kind of comedian gene.

    1.When Your Cat Prefers the Trash to the Treasure

    2. When Your Cat Suspects You of Petting Another Creature

    3. When Your Cat May or May Not Feel the Same Way

    4. When Your Cat Wants You to Get Your Priorities Straight

    5. When Your Cat Makes You Wonder Why You Even Bother Setting an Alarm Clock

    6. When Your Cat’s Tail Manages to Offend Him Somehow

    7. When Your Cat Gives You the Cold Shoulder

    8. When Your Cat was Here First and Insists That You Wait Your Turn

    9. When Your Cat’s Food Has Been Only 3/4 Full for 5 Whole Minutes Now

    10. When Your Cat Thinks It’s Christmas Every Time You Move the Couch

    11. When Your Cat Dracula Yawns

    12. When Your Cat Goes Halloween Pose

    13. When You Decide to Feature Your Cat in the Christmas Card Photo

    14. When Your Cat Notices That You Got the Cheap Food

    Or maybe cats are part human, and more clever than us…..share with friends!

    (h/t: Ranker )

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    Meet Luhu, The Saddest Cat In The World

    Cats pretty much have it made in life. They get to sleep all day, massaged whenever they demand it, eat for free, and live rent free. But as you can see from the pictures below not all cats are happy with their easy lives. In fact, this kitty, Lulu looks almost downright miserable and we think she might just be the world’s saddest feline. She lives in Beijing with her human mom, Maggie Liu, and her various other siblings but Luhu is the only one that looks as sad as she does. She is doing something right by bringing plenty of joy to her 160k Instagram followers, who can’t get enough of her mournful expression!


























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    Cute Foster Kitten Is Pictured Smiling In An Adorable Viral Photo

    Meet Blossom, the foster kitten has become an Internet sensation after her foster mother, Lauren Boutz, 41, a New Mexico-based biochemistry student, shared her smiling photos during a photo shoot on social media.

    The mom shared a series of images of her three new foster kittens – Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup. However, Blossom’s photos are the cutest thanks to her great smile. For this reason, her pictures were contagious and quickly took the Internet by storm.

    “I foster kittens for the City of Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department,” Lauren wrote. The gals in the photos are her Powerpurr Girls: Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. “They’re about 5 weeks old now.”

    Although Blossom is just starting her life, she has endured a lot. However, she is still sweet and playful. Blossom loves her foster mom so much, so recently she gave her mother the most adorable thank-you smile. The smile was so cute that Lauren couldn’t resist snapping it – the exact moment that Blossom smiled for the camera.

    After uploading the pics online, they went viral immediately. The whole internet was crazy about Blossom’s smile. Lauren Boutz was praised for giving the kittens a foster home and sharing the sweet pictures of them.

    In the pictures, Blossom can be seen smiling during a photo shoot along with siblings Buttercup and Bubbles.

    The picture of Blossom smiling for the camera racked up 1.2 million likes when shared to Twitter.

    The kittens are posing for a Halloween shoot.

    If you love these pictures, please share them with your friends and family members!

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    Quick Facts

    • Weight:
    • Height:

    Orientals are sturdy and sleek in appearance. They have large ears, a wedge-shaped head and a lanky body.

    Orientals come in more than 300 different colors and patterns. White, red, cream, black, blue, chestnut, lavender, cinnamon and fawn are available solid colors. Parti-colors and smoke colors are also part of the breed’s palette.

    Orientals can be found in both short and longhaired versions. Shorthair cats are much more common, with longhairs considered to be rare.


    • Comes in both long and short coat varieties
    • Very active and playful
    • Affectionate and vocal
    • Highly intelligent

    Ideal Human Companion

    • Families with older children
    • Families with other pets
    • Singles with other pets
    • Experienced cat owners

    What They Are Like to Live With

    Orientals have many characteristics associated with the Siamese. They are very active and vocal, and crave attention. They love to play, and enjoy meeting new people, although they usually bond strongly with just one person.

    Things You Should Know

    Orientals demand a lot of attention, and will meow loudly if they don’t get it. They need frequent interaction with humans, including plenty of play time.

    Orientals can be a nuisance to cats of less active breeds, and should be paired with other Orientals or breeds that are known to have a lot of energy.

    Oriental History

    Developed by crossing Siamese with other Russian Blues and Domestic Shorthairs, the Oriental was first developed in England in the 1950s and ‘60s. In the late 1960s, American breeders created their own version of this cat by crossing Siamese, Abyssinians and Domestic Shorthairs. The result is the Oriental, which was first accepted into the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) in 1972. The CFA recognizes both short and longhaired version of the Oriental as one breed.

    Meant to have a Siamese body type with a solid colored coat, the Oriental is also recognized by The International Cat Association (TICA) and The American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA). Both these registries recognize the Oriental Shorthair and Oriental Longhair as two separate breeds.

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