15 Cats Who Will Lick Anything And Everything

These kitties like to put their sandy little tongues to work. They enjoy taste testing their humans’ foods, cleaning their humans’ dirty plates, cleaning up their humans’ left overs, wiping smudges on windows with their tongues, and the list goes on. Lesson learned, never underestimate a cat’s tongue. When you’re not looking, they could be using it for no good 🙂

1. Windows

2. Sushi Sampling

3. Harry Styles

4. Decor

5. Water glasses.

6. ‘Nanners

7. Mirrors

8. Tiny

9. Leftovers

10. Ice Cream

11. Boots

12. The Inside of the ‘nanners

13. A Copy Of Scientific American

14. Literally Nothing At All

15. Empty pans.

Their licking capabilities may be even more advanced than dogs’! Share with friends!

(h/t: inspire more )

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