13 Pictures That Perfectly Capture Your Cat’s Reactions To Daily Routine

Although cats are all pretty similar in personality, they have characteristics that separate them from one another. And you can see these “characteristics” in their reactions to daily routines. Let’s call it the “when your cat” moments. One thing in common about all their reactions….their all guaranteed to make you laugh. Cats must be born with some kind of comedian gene.

1.When Your Cat Prefers the Trash to the Treasure

2. When Your Cat Suspects You of Petting Another Creature

3. When Your Cat May or May Not Feel the Same Way

4. When Your Cat Wants You to Get Your Priorities Straight

5. When Your Cat Makes You Wonder Why You Even Bother Setting an Alarm Clock

6. When Your Cat’s Tail Manages to Offend Him Somehow

7. When Your Cat Gives You the Cold Shoulder

8. When Your Cat was Here First and Insists That You Wait Your Turn

9. When Your Cat’s Food Has Been Only 3/4 Full for 5 Whole Minutes Now

10. When Your Cat Thinks It’s Christmas Every Time You Move the Couch

11. When Your Cat Dracula Yawns

12. When Your Cat Goes Halloween Pose

13. When You Decide to Feature Your Cat in the Christmas Card Photo

14. When Your Cat Notices That You Got the Cheap Food

Or maybe cats are part human, and more clever than us…..share with friends!

(h/t: Ranker )

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