12 Cats Who Have A Thing About Sitting On Their Humans’ Food

Some cats enjoy naps on the couch, on the window sill, or in some random nook in the house. Some like to lounge across kitchen floors, some prefer to lounge on top of food in the kitchen. Apparently, there are cats out there that are just as bad as dogs are with human food. The only difference is that dogs want to just take it, and eat it. Cats who are food fanatics on the other hand, just want to sit on it. Way to be “different” kitties!

1. “I love it when the rolls are still warm.”

2. “Ahhh, a nice pizza massage was just what I needed.”

3. “Sitting on your salad is the next best thing to going outside.”

4. “This chair is really lumpy and uncomfortable.”

5. “Don’t worry, I’ll keep your sub warm for ya.”

6. “I’m doing you a favor, because salads totally suck.”

7. “This is my bread bed.”

8. “I can be a pie, no problem.”

9. “This is easily the comfiest cat bed I’ve ever received.”

10. “This loaf is perfectly ME-SIZED.”

11. “I’m squishing out all the calories. You’re welcome.”

12. ” … Hope you were done with this salad!”

So, when around cats, be watchful of your food. Apparently, they see beds and couches when they see food out. Share with friends!

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